Having joined the team at VRPlayin since its inception in April 2017 Aurelian is a true educator of immersive technologies. Somewhat of a swiss army knife, you may see him guiding users through their first VR experience, communicating with content developers, or sharing blog posts. He is your go-to person to talk about XR tech. "Breathe, Eat, Sleep XR!"

VR Strategy

VR Strategy Development For Team Building

The Evolving Landscape of Team Building Team building has always been vital in cultivating workplace cohesion and productivity. Interestingly, with technological advancements, the approach to team building is evolving. One such game-changer is Virtual Reality (VR). By incorporating a VR strategy, businesses are unlocking exciting possibilities for enhancing team dynamics.   The Promise of VR…

Creating Immersive Experiences: VR in Brand Activations

Creating Immersive Experiences: VR in Brand Activations

As brands strive to create engaging, memorable experiences for consumers, Virtual Reality (VR) is emerging as a game-changer. The immersive nature of VR allows brands to provide truly engaging activations, unlike anything else. This blog post will explore how VR can create immersive experiences for brand activations.   Understanding VR Activations To begin with, it’s…